Sinapse: a user point of view

The first time I configured and used Sinapse, I really understood how it can help me to reduce time to market to create solutions for my customers. There are a lot of available plugins, that can be connected, configured and used in few minutes, that allow to build a new application.


After configured inputs, outputs and dataflow I can build application human interface using a lot of GUI objects which allow to create complex forms with few clicks and in very short time.







Sinapse configuration is simple and fast because it is based on graphical configuration: plugins and GUI objects are connected each others using drag and drop and configuration windows allows to set all parameters needed.




Also, a code editor allows me to write custom application logic, using C#, Visual Basic or XSLT languages.

Sinapse main feature, from my point of view, is hot update configurationThe feature permits to change and apply new configuration and scripts without service interruption, with a single click! How many times we have to apply changes to a software system in production and we have to restart our services? Using Sinapse we can apply our changes without restart Sinapse server!  It is the reason I choose Sinapse for my projects.


Also fully graphical model based design is available within Sinapse. This allowed me to create rich and powerful applications in few click without deep programming skills!