Hot update: when a system can’t stop

More and more systems need to have uptime higher than 99,9% and updates to these systems is not easy.

A system with an uptime of 99,9% requires a complex infrastructure, specific hardware and

software, a deep understanding and an appreciation of risk. Achieving this goal is expensive and needs skilled personnel.

Many products guarantee the ability to be updated whilst they run. Examples can be found in:

  1. Data management systems: databases generally permit to update stored procedures without restarting the engine; this feature is mostly appreciated in many contexts where the database can be updated without interruptions to its primary scope;
  2. Logic controllers: PLC generally permits to update the code “on the fly”; the logic functions can change within one PLC cycle without interrupting the work it is doing;
  3. Web server: generally web based products permit updates to the site content without interruption;

The products described above permit smooth system updates and minimize costs related to shutdown.

What to do if the system isn’t one of the above?

Sinapse introduces the hot update feature to help all customers  to update their systems whilst they are running, when they need, even those who may not have thought about updates.

Sinapse is able to update a single component configuration, data flow logic, logic scripts and graphics whilst the system runs and without interruptions to the whole system.

This feature can help solve the problems of anyone who needs to do an update; hot update dramatically reduces the costs related to systems shutdown and shutdown planning.

This feature is not only about system updates, it can be useful for other situations:

  1. Develop the logic of your process while the system receives real data from external systems; there are many examples, some are:
    1. The communication endpoint of a Web Service needs to be changed? You only need to open the configuration of the plugin, change it and apply the new configuration;
    2. A formula needs to be changed? You only need to open the editor, change it and apply the new script;
  2. Design your application graphic interface while the system runs and send information to the graphic layer;
  3. If your customer is far from you and you need to patch the deployed system: just connect with Sinapse Configurator, download the remote configuration, apply the patch. That’s it! The remote system is updated.

This short article exposes some basic characteristics and concepts related to Sinapse hot update.

Do not hesitate to contact us to understand better this feature and discover its other features.