The power of the InMemory plugin: Data retention Part 1

Sometimes it maybe necessary to maintain the status of a system when it restarts, when there is an unexpected power failure, and even if the system crashes.

Too many times these conditions are considered infrequent and rarely these occurrences are well managed, but,

when they happen, the costs for the company can be very high.

In the industry the PLC hardware has specific RAM (NVRAM or other kind) which stores information when there is a power loss, but this kind of hardware is specifically designed for the industrial scope. PLC developers know they are working on a system which must guarantee data integrity.

But what can be done if the hardware has a standard volatile RAM?

When there is a specific requirement about data integrity, developers usually create code capable of storing data in a media like the Hard Disk, using file (text, XML, binary), reloading data on start-up. In general this approach is costly due to inefficient code, software bugs and bottlenecks in I/O.

To answer the requests asked by developers to guarantee data retention, Sinapse has in its ecosystem a specific plugin designed to be fast and reliable and to:

  1. Work in memory like a DataTable with all features (Add, Remove, Update, Select, Indexing, …) , types, …;
  2. Constantly synchronising the in memory data with an external database whilst maintaining the available data to the Sinapse system;
  3. Reload the last available state from the external database and fill in the in memory data on startup.

Imagine the power available for a developer!

In the next article other features of this plugin will be described.