Host Interconnector: a message portal between Sinapse servers

Sinapse is a event-driven message based software system. The internal logic is based on messages exchanged between components. A designer defines a topology of interconnection and Sinapse sends messages from one component to others following the patterns defined in the topology.

Sinapse does not work only as a single server, but it is able to manage information using multiple servers via a special plugin named Host Interconnector.

It’s main role is to hide to the designer the complexity related to the connection management, in this manner the plugin can be treated as a normal internal plugin which receives and emit messages.

The difference between other plugins is inside. Host Interconnector works using a partner approach: when receives a message push it to the remote configured partner, the same happens in the other direction.

Look at the figure below:



The figure shows a message flows between two servers. Server A and Server B communicate each other with the same communication pattern within Sinapse.

Host Interconnector hides to the designer the complexity needed to establish, manage and maintain communication channels between Sinapse servers.

In the figure it is possible to highlight two different data flow A and B:

  • A first data flow (A) where messages starts from Server A, enter in the Host Interconnector, transit in the network and exit from the remote Host Interconnector within the server B. The messages received from Server B continues the logic flow in server B.
  • The same happens in the flow B from the server B where a messages starts from B, transit the network and exit in A through the Host Interconnector.

The two flows can be independent or can be one the prosecution of the other: in other word the flow from server B can be answers to the requests arrived from A and A can continue its data flow after an elaboration of Server B.

Host Interconnector is the master component in a distributed architecture based on Sinapse.

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