Sinapse made simple: introduction

With this article I’m starting a series of articles to explain, in a simple way, the big power behind the Sinapse platform.

Before start any further description I share with you who I am and a short story.

My name is Mario Mastrodicasa, my degree was on electronic engeering, I always loved informatic and most of the time I worked within software field. I consider me a lucky guy because my work is my passion. I worked on many areas and vertical markets as consultant for many companies in various vertical markets. In every market whilst I gave them my competences they enriched me with new experiences. In my personal opinion experiences before theoretical knowledge are the keys to define and follows projects to obtain the best results.

Within companies, speaking with others or surfing internet I seen:

  1. Poor knowledge of multi-threading concepts, resources share and arbitration; in some companies where these concepts were known, there wasn’t a common framework or design pattern: every developer solved the problems by himself;
  2. UI was developed by programmers with few design vision, in companies where there were UX designers, programmers and UX designers don’t understand well what the others expect;
  3. Many companies needed multiple UIs for different scope, all UI connects to a common set of data. The companies allocated multiples teams and every team designed the UI in different way using the knowledge within the team itself. At the end: the companies had the result, but without a good knowledge transfer, resources reallocation, big effort when an enhancement was necessary in UI or backend;
  4. In other companies their solutions are a composition of multiple subsystems: every subsystem connects to the others with interfaces and mechanisms defined time by time, without a good forecast, introducing bottlenecks, limitation in expandability, building, at all, a monolithic solution.

The previous problems and some other raise time-to-market and debug time, aftermarket costs, maintainability. To avoid previous problems and helps my company I proposed to invest on a platform which guarantees a common vision on many fields from communication to UI, which was able to guide developers with known and defined patterns, which guarantees to use best ability of anyone on the top of a robust and well defined architecture. Sinapse platform was originally developed as a research project and evolved into a significative framework over last years, following a well defined roadmap. Year by year new features were added with a unique architecture behind. Sinapse platform is used across many internal products and external projects. It helped the company to cut internal development costs optimizing development process.

Sinapse platform gives to its users all the instruments to design, maintain and evolves complex systems without big effort.

The platform uses the state of the art concepts of the graphic interfaces, micro services architecture and distributed computation.

Sinapse platform is divided into macro blocks: they cooperate togheter in a simple way. The series of articles are divided into different macro areas. The first articles focus on the user interface, the one everyone, user or designer, see and use. Then the articles goes on into other blocks: the brain behind everything.

Then let’s start with our tour into Sinapse platform.

Stay tuned!!!