SINAPSE is not just a single product, but a whole integrated environment that is able to provide features such as the translation of protocols, interconnectivity, management of information flow, control and supervision.

SINAPSE is flexible and can be used from a wide spread of users to build different applications, here a non-exhaustive list of the actual users of SINAPSE.

System Integration

Anyone who needs an application to orchestrate or to simply integrates devices, applications, remote systems or anything else with a little developing knowledge; all controlled and monitored using a single application.

The ability of SINAPSE to connect to every system and device, manage the functional logic behind the process with simple script and display information using visual client helps to create rich SCADA applications; the ability of SINAPSE to distribute over multiple servers helped users to create distributed SCADA systems without requiring knowledge of transport layers, remote synchronization, just using the tools available in SINAPSE environment.

SCADA design

Network gateway

Users who needs to create a gateway to interface or expose information to another system beneficed from the use of SINAPSE; with the communication plugins it is possible to expose Web Services, generic socket or any other protocol, transfer and receive information, convert information from and to internal company software and systems; thanks to intrinsic secure features it is possible to also expose versus Internet.

Everyone who needs to evolve their legacy infrastructure to a new era can use SINAPSE; SINAPSE have plugins able to connect to every protocol and expose this information using new communication patterns.

Industry 4.0