Application packages

This page contains available Sinapse packages.
Plugin packages allow to add to you projects features and connection capabilities. GuiObjects packages allow to add to you projects GUI elements and HMI components. Graphic extensions allow to add advanced features to you Sinapse installation.


Package Description
Custom Message Enable custom messages definition and extension
Execution core Allows to easely define logics and interactions modifiables at runtime. Supports multiple languages (C#, VB, XSLT).
High Precision Timer manager Manage high precision timers allowing to create, arm, configurate and dispatch timer events to other components
Message Switch Allows fully scriptable routing of messages or drag and drop routing based on message properties
Message Viewer Display the internal messages received and allows to publish it via webservice (only available in design mode)
Property Manager Manages user defined properties (system wide variables), it allows property read/write operations and property changes subscription. 
Sinapse Interconnector Add a message tunnel between two Sinapse instances, it allows distributed load and parallel processing using multiple Sinapse servers  
Sinapse Plugin base framework Base framwork for smart plugin development
Timer manager Manage timers allowing to create, arm, configurate and dispatch timer events to other components
Workflow execution core Allows to define logics and interactions modifiables at runtime, using the Workflow visual language.
XSD Validator Add XSD Validation capability


Package Description
Couch Base NOSQL DB connector Manages Couch Base NOSQL database. Allows N1SQL query and data visualization. 
In memory DB Manages in-memory database tables, fast as memory, reliable as classic Sql Server
Microsoft SQL Plugin DB Connector for MSSQL database. Ref.SQLPlugin
SQL Plugin Fully featured Generic SQL plugins able to manage query views stored procedures and functions, based on framework plugin allows scripting 

DB Connector

Package Description
Oracle MySql Connector DB Connector for MySql database, Ref.SQLPlugin
Postgree SQL Connector DB Connector for PostgreSQL database. Ref.SQLPlugin
SQL Connector Connector for Microsoft MSSQL database. Ref. SQLPlugin


Package Description
ABAS AG ERP Connector ABAS A.G. ERP connector.


Package Description
IBM Web Sphere connector Connector for IBM Websphere Enterprise Service Bus


Package Description
Alarm manager Manage alarms, warnings and info. Allows to display, filter, mutiple confirmation and snooze of alarms. 
Field Connector OPCUA Direct connection with OPCUA compatible devices and software solutions, based on pluginframework allows scripts and extension
Modbus Connector Fully featured Modbus standard communication plugin, allows complete configuration of devices and protocols parameters, allows also data change subscription to realize event driven solutions
OPC DA Connector Allows connection to standard OPC servers from different vendors: supports Siemens, Matricon, Omron, Allen Bradley and so on for a full connectivity
OPCUA Connector Direct connection with OPCUA compatible devices and software solutions
S7 Server (PLC Emulator) Add a PLC Emulator to your project, allows full configuration and act as a PLC over the network
Sharp S7 Client Siemens S7 client based on sharp7 libraries, avoid the use of OPC Server and give direct access to PLC memory in read/write mode.
Siemens S7 Client Direct client connection with Siemens S7 PLC Family. Avoid the use of OPC Server and give direct access to PLC memory in read/write mode.
Siemens S7 Partner Manage Siemens Client-Client (Partner) communications
Stanley OpenProtocol Connector Provides Open protocol devices management, fully configurable, cover near every  protocol message, manage device status, configuration, subscription and connection.


Package Description
Email Add mail sending capability to your project
webservice Add web service described by datacontract. This plugin can be configured to act as webservice client, server or both. Let you implement webservice in minutes.


Package Description
Socket Connector Manages sockets in a transparent way, allows complex configuration and take care of device connection reconnection and errors 


Package Description
Active directory Connect and manage Active Directory services.
File system connector Manage file and directory with fully configurable monitoring, it allows to subscribe every observable variation in files and folders.
Serial Port Connector Manages serial ports in a transparent way with fully configuration of ports parameter and behaviour.


Package Description
Barcode Qrcode Connect Cognex Dataman devices to your project, it allows complex configuration and take care of device connection and reconnection via ethernet or Serial port.
Keyence camera Connector Connector for Keyence camera devices, it allows to configure and manage OCR tools and screen representation, to easely develop smart vision checks


Package Description
Basic GuiObjects Contains basic GUI elements to build projects
Configurable basic GuiObject Allows to create custom GUI objects
GuiObject 3D Add 3D viewport to your project. Easly import Collada files, allows to configure complex 3D scenes and interact with defined object
Live charts Allows to use live charts in projects
Oil and gas GuiObjects Oil and gas GuiObjects: tank, gauge and others
Window button GuiObject Allows to open a new window


Package Description
Embedded web browser Add a full featured HTML5 web browser in your application. 
Web Browser Add a simple web browser in your application. 


Package Description
Avalon basic script editor This extension provides code highlighting in script editors
Avalon script editor This extension provides full code highlighting and code completition in script editors
Dock manager toolkit Manage dockable graphic configurations into the design IDE
Multi-dock manager toolkit Manage multiple graphic configurations, arranged by tabs, on the same design IDE

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