Derived products

Realized on top of the field proven DLR plugin available in the Sinapse platform, JCOBridge guarantees the best performance in JVM and CLR worlds integration.
JCOBridge is the next generation native bridge between .NET and Java/JVM.
.NET and Java are the leader software development platforms on the market and are seamless present on devices and products industries. JCOBridge enables the reuse of Java and .Net libraries and software soluzions across different worlds, minimizing the time to market and maximizing the code reuse. JCOBridge allows to access modules and devices not available in the reference team technology, or share purchased software blocks between teams with different software platforms. Explores website.

Drive me is a solution to instruct and train operetor, works on semi-automatic or manual production lines, has integrated KPI measurement, it's easy to integrate within existing systems or processes.
Automatic operations:

  • Management of remaining time;
  • Management of Alarms and events;
  • Instruction through text and images;
Manual operations:
  • Management of estimated remaining time;
  • Management of Alarms and events;
  • Instruction through images;
  • Feedback from operator for start/stop work;
Automatic input dialog:
  • Drive Me can be configured to request data from operator when the configured process needs it;
Training mode:
  • Supports for training mode to instruct operator about the process;
  • Complete simulation of process operations;
  • The operator can browse every operation of the process;
Easy integration:
  • Drive Me easily integrates within your existing system/process with minimum effort;
  • Drive Me can work side-by-side with existing system/process without change it;
  • Drive Me is feed with information coming from your existing devices using Sinapse integration features. It allows to easily gather information using:
    • OPC/OPC-UA Server
    • Serial/Socket
    • Modbus
    • etc...
  • Drive Me can be integrated in new designed system/process with minimum effort.

Drive Me

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