Yes. It is one of the main features of Sinapse.

Yes. Sinapse design is able to bridging legacy systems to the new industry concepts with cheap investments guaranteeing the expected results.

Yes. Sinapse was designed to integrate and orchestrate too many systems.

Yes. Using Sinapse architecture you can design a SCADA system, create rich graphical interface and manage your system even from remote location.

Yes. Sinapse has specific plugins to create Web Services and use them to communicate.

Yes. Sinapse can. It is very simple using the plugins available.

The cost depends on the requested feature. Ask to us for a quote.

Yes. Sinapse is based on toolkit. Using them it is possible to create your specific plugin in few hours.

No. Sinapse shall be requested using the online form (click here). The company will provide to you a link to download the installer and components.

Yes, If you buy more than one client license.