SINAPSE is not just a single product, but a whole integrated environment that is able to provide features such as the translation of protocols and interconnectivity, the management of information flow, control and supervision; all through the use of the drag and drop feature of the development system and the practicality of the integrated editor.

The heart that beats within SINAPSE is an high performance inter-modular communication system, which allows the elaboration of thousands of messages per second with a graphical interface that, through the use of the OPCUA, has remote access directly to the server variables, making a perfect pair in the execution of the software. The inter-process communication for the distribution of the computational load is also based on OPCUA: the consequence is a full benefit on the security of the communication, through the possible use of the encryption feature offered by the OPCUA framework to protect the infrastructure from the ever present risk of cyber-attacks.

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Sinape Server Host is the server component that hosts the plugins functional components; it runs following the defined topology. Sinapse Server Host can run in interactive, or Windows service mode, and communicates with the clients connected by using the standard OPC-UA, defined by the OPC Foundation.


Sinapse Configurator allows building system configuration through a simple and intuitive graphics, extensible with plugins and graphic objects. Using the Sinapse Configurator, it is possible to:

  • Design execution chains;
  • Configure and update the features of each plugin;
  • Manage graphical objects that show the data;
  • Update the server configuration and send commands;
  • Edit the scripts running without interruption of service, verifying them in parallel to the system running in production;
  • Moreover, many other things.
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A graphical interface that provides the user with the information and functionality included by the system, simply connecting to the Sinapse Server Host. Sinapse Client Runtime, automatically, transposes changes from the server configuration.


Each plugin of Sinapse system contains the functional and the graphic component: Sinapse Server Host uses the first one in the execution network, Sinapse Configurator and Sinapse Client Runtime to display information and provide the functionality to the end user use the second one.

The two components, of each plugin, interface to each other using the OPC-UA communication protocol.

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